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Adperio is a premier mobile performance marketing partner, connecting iOS and Android app advertisers with acquisition strategies and traffic sources that deliver scale and high-engagement post-install activity. CPI and CPA pricing models available.


I am an advertiser, app developer, or agency looking to reach engaged users for incremental mobile growth.



I am a publisher, media buyer, or app developer looking to promote the industry's top install campaigns.



Outstanding Mobile
Marketing Propels Growth

Adperio is exceptionally proud of the industry recognition we've received from clients, peers, and publications over the past 24 years. We believe with a team this talented and driven that no goal is out of our reach.

Find out why Premier Applications
choose Adperio for Mobile Acquisition

Adperio drives mobile user acquisition for apps of all sizes, from the industry’s leading brand names to innovative new startups. With 24 years spent building thriving partnerships and a team of dedicated mobile marketing experts, Adperio consistently adapts and delivers for our clients. Whether it’s an engaged user, a registration, or a first-time sale, Adperio is here to ensure our partners gain incremental, successful mobile growth.


Scalable Mobile

Adperio is a recognized digital advertising leader and industry-leading mobile performance marketing network focused on driving user acquisition for our advertisers on Cost-Per-Install (CPI) and Cost-Per-Action (CPA) pricing models. We specialize in generating consistent, quality customer acquisitions at high volumes through exclusive channels on native, mobile, social, and search placements.

Experienced account managers

As an external partner that feels like an internal team, Adperio account managers are here to provide you industry insights and best practices that will skyrocket your mobile marketing.

Quality and scale

Starting with campaign strategizing and set-up, Adperio emphasizes the critical nature of a solid foundation. With the industry’s hottest technology and 24 years of expertise, our team is here to help from strategy development through a successful campaign launch.

Post-install optimization

Adperio knows new users aren’t your only goal. Prior to running your campaign, our team will strategize with you to understand what install events are most vital to your business. Through ongoing optimization, we ensure engagement and scale are aligned to establish and maintain lifetime users.

Brand protection

Adperio has an independent compliance team to protect your brand and marketing dollars. We provide transparency so that you are in the driver’s seat.


The Search for Your
Mobile Marketing
Partner is Over

Working with Adperio gets you access to hundreds of advertisers, thousands of top-performing mobile campaigns, and patent-pending technology built just for you. Founded in 1994, we have a reputation for selectivity, with offers that convert and exclusive budgets. Entertainment, Financial, Lifestyle, and Travel app installs rank among our top verticals.

Top App install campaigns

Ranging from the largest brands in the industry to Silicon Valley’s hottest new startups, Adperio partners with apps of all sizes. Offering the industry’s highest payouts and fastest payment schedule, our team works to secure your budgets, integration options, and exclusive offers.

Experienced account managers

Our team of industry veterans is dedicated to finding the best fit for your mobile marketing needs. An external partner that feels like an internal team, Adperio’s account management is here to ensure your campaigns see incremental, successful mobile growth.

Publisher-friendly technology

Adperio’s development team consistently turns out platform updates that make the digital advertising process all the more convenient. Brand and Image Rotation allows Adperio publishers to update their pages once and run multiple offers through a single link, with corresponding product names and images. Another publisher favorite is Adperio’s Multi-Level Offer Priority, which allows publishers to select specific offers to run before leveraging our algorithm if you hit your commission cap.

One-stop solution

Adperio is the mobile solution that works with both household brands and indie startups. Over our 24 years in business, we’ve worked with thousands of brands to bring their digital advertising to the next level. Our top-performing offers and campaigns are unparalleled in the mobile marketing space.