Digital advertisers Adperio bolsters anti-fraud toolkit with AppVault launch

Digital advertising company Adperio has boosted its anti-fraud toolkit with the launch of AppVault. Currently, in beta, it joins Adperio’s existing PixelVault fraud prevention technology, which was launched last year.

Designed for mobile developers and brands, AppVault watches over active app install campaigns to ensure the data collected is accurate and trustworthy. It does this using a variety of tools, including those which single out aggressive ad tactics, watch for re-brokering, and finally, control sources which the system suspects of blending incentivized traffic.

Matthew Lord, VP of product and tech at Adperio, said:

“Adperio has always given our clients a wide variety of brand safety and fraud protection services. AppVault is an exciting new product that allows us to share this compliance-focused data directly with mobile advertisers.”

David Porteous, director of global sales, added:

“AppVault saves our advertisers valuable bandwidith by policing campaigns for them. It’s one more way Adperio can help protect their marketing spend.”

Adperio has worked in online advertising for 20 years and specializes in buying media for companies listed in the Fortune 1000, particularly in mobile, social, and display.